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Thief! Scout Skit

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Two scouts perform this skit. Prior to the skit, each scout puts on a jacket and places a few objects in the pockets - such as pocket knives, cards and such.

As the skit begins, the scouts begin to argue about who is the better thief. "I'm the better thief!" "No, I'm the better thief!" They finally decide to have a contest. "We will walk by eachother three times. The person who pickpockets the best thing is the winner."

The two scouts start. They walk by eachother and each reaches into the other's coat pocket and pulls out an item. They each argue a bit about who got the best item. They do this a second time. Then on the third time, one scout pulls a wallet out of the other's pocket. He holds it up and says, "Yes! Yes! I win! I got your wallet and that is the best so I WIN!" The other says, "You may have my wallet, but look, I have your underwear!" Then he holds a pair of underwear up and over his head.

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