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Funny Scout Skit: Hidden Hungry Monster!

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A scout lays down on the floor with a big blanket covering him. What the audience does not see is the empty bottle of water, the hersheys kisses and the flashlight under the blanket along with the scout. You can put as many items under the blanket as there are scouts. A scout walks up with great curiosity and examines the lumpy blanket. He has a bottle of water. He says, "Hmmm I wonder if this thing is thirsty." He places the bottle of water at the foot end of the scout under the blanket. The blanket begins to shake, make funny noises, and then an empty water bottle shoots out of the front (head end) of the blanket.

The next scout approaches with a few large chocolate bars. He wonders outloud if the lump is hungry and places the candy bars under the blanket. The blanket rumbles, shakes and then a handful of hershey's kisses shoots out of the front of the blanket. This process continues with different items until the last scout approaches. He is curious - wonders outloud what is under the lump. He looks under, then goes a bit more under the blanket. Suddenly he goes completely under the blanket, the blanket waves and jumps and out of the front shoots a scout hat, belt and shirt.

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