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This is a silent skit. The scouts stay "off stage." One walks across acting as if he is chewing gum. Halfway through, the scout acts like he is taking the gum out and tosses it over his shoulder. The scout leaves. The next scout walks through. He acts like his foot gets stuck on the gum. He pulls a few times, acts like he gets free and walks away. Each time a scout walks by, something happens with the gum. He can see it just before he steps on it and then jump over it, he can step around it, he can drop something in it and have to pull it off. The second to last scout acts like a dog and walks on all fours toward the gum. As he stands over the gum he raises his leg for a moment, then walks off. The last scout walks in, sees the gum, pops it in his mouth and walks away happily.

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