Fishing Rods for Fly Fishing Mountain Lakes

Knowing which rod to use when fishing mountain lakes is important. Do you use a 7.5′ or 9.5′ or something in between? Knowing your lakes will help determine the rod length and weight.

Fly fishing rods come in weights of 3#, 4#, 5#, 6#, and 7#. The weight of the rod has to do with the fish’s weight, along with the action of the rod.

Finding a brand and a model you like can take time. For beginners, you may not know what to choose. I like to borrow a few rods from friends to feel the action, stiffness, and brands.

Paying for higher-priced rods can be enticing, but picking up rods from Redington can be quality and last a lifetime.

Choose the right for your next fly rod.